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Health is a precious commodity. Taking care of it is a priority. Taking care of my patient entirely is my philosophy. I use all these aspects to achieve my goal.


General and sports physiotherapy,

Postnatal physiotherapy

Manual therapy

Visceral therapy

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Rebalance the diet

Correct deficits in macro and micronutrient 

Improve your health

Prevent diseases


Take your online course wherever you are Achieve your goals without hurting yourself

 Motivation, Correction, Effectiveness

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Viceral therapy

Visceral therapy aims to restore mobility to the organs of the abdomen and rib cage in order to optimize their effectiveness. Musculoskeletal, visceral and metabolic disorders are intimately linked.

The manipulations are gentle and painless. The effectiveness of this method is largely optimized by the addition of specific and targeted dietary advice.

Osteo-articular disorders

rehabilitation sprains, tendinitis, trauma, post-operative rehabilitation, adhesive capsulitis, orthopaedics)

Sports pathologies

tendinopathies, chondropathies, shoulder pain, muscle building, proprioception

Muscle disorders

tears, strains, stiffness, contractures, low back pain, neck pain, back pain, sciatica

Postnatal rehabilitation, hypopressive abdominals


Food is one of human's vital needs. Why has feeding become a real headache, even an obsession for some? There is a plethora of varied diets, with varying levels of scientific evidence. But diets are nothing, metabolism and physiology are everything. Based on patient listening and questionnaires, the objective is to detect the dysfunctions of the body at the metabolic and physiological levels.  Food rebalancing will then be proposed (as well as supplementation if necessary). A good patient-therapist collaboration and regular follow-up will yield effective results.

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Physical activity is essential to maintain physical and cardiovascular fitness. It's also a great way to keep morale and manage your stress!

My goal is to help you achieve these goals by avoiding injury. Particular attention is paid to positioning, correct muscle engagement and mistakes not to be made.

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