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Image de Drew Dizzy Graham

After obtaining my master's degree in physiotherapy at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), I completed my training with a master's degree in sports physiotherapy as well as other specializations (manual therapy, taping, hooking and post-natal rehabilitation) .

Passionate about sport and nutrition, I chose to evolve in these two areas in parallel with my activity as a physiotherapist. In terms of sports, I was a coach in a major fitness club in Brussels and I trained in the STOTT® Pilates method. As for nutrition, after graduating as a nutritherapist at CERDEN®, I continued my training with a degree in physionutrition at the Université de Grenoble.

All of this knowledge and skills acquired in recent years have enabled me to achieve my ultimate goal: to take charge of the patient in a comprehensive way to improve both his health and his quality of life.

After having developed my activity in Brussels, the events of life pushed me towards a new adventure in oriental colors. Today, I practice and consult in Dubai.

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