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Artichoke Dips

Advices to start your detox plan

Artichoke, beetroot and black radish are often mentioned in the context of liver detoxification. Here are a few things to know when you want to detoxify.

Liver detox takes place in several stages:

Step 1: Transformation phase. The toxin is transformed by a chemical reaction into a more hydrophilic (water-loving) molecule. It is then called an intermediate metabolite. In this form, it can either be eliminated directly via the urine or enter the second phase.

Step 2: Conjugation phase. During this phase, the intermediate metabolite is taken care of by enzymes which will allow its elimination. Once bound to its enzyme, the metabolite is said to be “conjugated”.

Step 3: Elimination phase. The intermediate metabolite is eliminated via the bile (evacuation via the stool) or the kidneys (via the urine).

NB : simplified diagram

The problem is that during the creation in phase 1 of the intermediate metabolites, some of them can be more toxic than the original toxic. It is therefore essential to have a good antioxidant barrier and effective phase 2 enzymes when you want to undertake a detox. Certain plants, spices, vitamins and minerals help to accompany the detox to avoid becoming intoxicated instead of detoxifying! In addition, Sauna, massage and physical activity are recommended during this period.

So, you will understand, to do an effective and safe detox, you must:

1/ Prepare your body before starting it to have a good antioxidant barrier and enough vitamins and minerals.

2/ Adapt your detox according to your metabolic profile: each person is different, so the choice of supplements to support detox must be adapted.

3/ Follow the general recommendations for detoxification.

4/ Of course we avoid resuming a Western Diet type diet when we have finished our detox!

And finally, keep in mind that the best way to detoxify is not to intoxicate 😉.

To help you with your detox, make an appointment.

Here is an easy recipe to make, and it's a good way to get kids (and men 😉) to eat vegetables.

Artichoke dips :

8 artichoke hearts

2 tbsp silken tofu

½ clove of garlic

½ tsp Turmeric

½ lemon juice

Mix all the ingredients. To be enjoyed with carrot sticks for β-carotene, cucumber and beetroot for even more detox!

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